Tuesday, March 16, 2010

What Do You Do When Your Blog Heckles You?

I'm looking at my blog, reading through the comments and noticed a Google ad for that made me laugh. The t-shirt said, "I am disappointed in you're grammer", which seems so appropriately ironic if you know me at all. It is like my blog is speaking to ME!

Just the other day I sent an email out to my family and friends about my Dallas Rock n Roll Half Marathon race photos and mentioned I had only purchased the one with my metal. Only after my good friend Ginny, instant messaged me and wrote "if you say metal one more time, I am taking away all your MEDALS!" did I realize I had written the wrong word! LOL I was dying laughing at my mistake. Apparently I had done this several times when writing about my medals.

Having spelling or grammatical errors in my writing is of course is not unusual for me. I attribute these errors to several things, one, I am a fast but terribly inaccurate typist, two, I am pretty sure I am dyslexic to some degree, three, I THINK I am typing the correct letters, it is really my fingers fault and lastly, well, I always like to use the excuse I do it on purpose, to make myself more human and less of a perfectionist. :D

To make light of the situation, I sent out ANOTHER email stating I was technically correct when I wrote METAL since the MEDAL is made of METAL. Right? I mean, come on, I was technically correct. LOL

Now I see my blog has sided with the fam and my friends and has started heckling me over my grammar and spelling through carefully placed Google ads. It seems just wrong when your blog starts heckling you right? I must speak to the people in charge.....

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