Saturday, April 6, 2013

Got back on the bike after a long hiatus

Got back on the bike today and rode 17 miles after not riding for a year. It seems fitting, today was the Tour Dallas as I think that ride last year was the last time I was on my bike. I didn't ride in the tour this year; have been focusing on other things and missed the emails about the ride. But that's ok, the good news is you can still ride around town, even if you don't pay a race fee.

Weather was great, very windy, especially around White Rock Lake but warm and sunny. I've always thought White Rock Lake is a great place to train if you are looking for tough conditions, there is a never ending supply of wind gusts, people and dog obstacles and the lovely gnats.

It was a tough and slow ride, maybe as slow as when I first got my bike. It proves you have to use it or you lose it; not that I lost my ability to ride but I certainly have lost my speed and endurance.

Hopefully my next ride will be a bit faster and less painful. ;)

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  1. It's a good thing to get back on the bike, there's always life obstacles to work around but the feeling on the bike remains special

    Btw I have taken the exact same picture of my bike using a tree for support


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