Thursday, March 4, 2010

Day 31: 60 Day Bikram Yoga Challenge - The Halfway Point Came and Went

From October 2008 Yoga Competition

The halfway point of my Challenge came and went without fan fair, there were no supporters cheering me on, no water stations and no signs telling me I was almost to the finish. Instead there was the comforting feeling of familiar posture instruction in class, the inspiring voice of a teacher and students I've come to consider my training partners in this crazy 60 day journey. We all work together to help each other make it to whatever our goals are.

So what have I accomplished in 30 days? I've lost a pound or two. I've increased my flexibility, I have reduced the neck issue I have from being hunched over a computer for 8 hours and I just "feel" better. Nothing to earth shattering I realize but not every 60 day challenge produces amazing, obvious results. And I don't really care either. I'm not doing the 60 day challenge to achieve amazing weight loss or lose lots of body fat although those would be nice changes too, I am doing the challenge to have an improved general fitness routine that improves my life, my mind and my body....and for the t-shirt. :)

It's now time to embark on the down hill part of the challenge. In a running event I would start to count down the miles and calculate how long it would take me to finish, all the way praying a mile marker came quickly. In yoga you just go to class and add a sticker to your 60 day challenge calendar at the studio. I am a little obsessive so sometimes I do count the days left....even though I know what they are, I like to physically count down each day....makes me feel like I am making progress, I think it is a tactile learning thing that makes me do that. Anyway, it is the journey, every class, not the end that is important right? Different than a marathon, where it is ALL about the finish! I'm just going to take each day as it comes and be happy with where my body is in the moment. Day 60 will come soon enough.

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