Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Day 37: Bikram Yoga Challenge - Been There Done That

As I laid in Savasana, I think it was after Cobra, I noticed a lady next to me, she looked exhausted, her face was red, sweat was streaming down her face and she looked at bit defeated. I didn't really have much thought about it except to notice she was really struggling.In Savasana you aren't suppose to look at the other person really, you are just suppose to completely relax and look at a point on the floor and try not to think. But this poor lady wasn't turning her head the same way as everyone else, so when we looked to the left, there she was, facing me a little but with her face more in her towel, looking exhausted.

I just stared at her, watching her struggle, noticing the sweat patterns are her face and arms. My first thought was wow, I have totally been where lady! I have been so exhausted I couldn't think straight and it was all I could do to just keep breathing, don't bother asking me to turn my head the right way. I have been so red in the face people thought I should sit out a posture.

But that wasn't me today. Today I felt calm and noticed my own breath was normal and easy. And I was working hard too, don't think a calm feeling comes just from not working hard in class. It comes from working hard in class consistently! After taking 36 classes in a row, my yoga practice seems to be at a different level. I made it through Triangle, both sets and I made it through the standing series without having to stop to take a breath. I fell out of postures sure but that is normal if you are trying your hardest in a pose. Falling out and sitting out are two different things. :) I tried to think of the last time I even sat out a posture. I couldn't remember. Then I wondered if I had written about it in my blog. The fact that I can't remember the last time I fell out of a posture automatically makes me assume it has been a long time. Let's go with that theory!

Now today might have been a fluke, you never know, tomorrow I could go to class and have the "oh my gosh I am going to die" look on my face. But I'd like to think I am making progress and "growing" into my practice. So to my yogi friend who was next to me, "good job making it through class, it wasn't easy for sure but you made it! Come back tomorrow, and the next day and the next day. Some day it  WILL get easier!" Namaste.

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