Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Day 59: Bikram Yoga Challenge - Am I really almost done?

From Butterflies, FTW

I might be a little high on the yoga, I just used a Muhammed Ali quote to describe yoga.

I'm just one day from finishing my challenge! So far I have completed 66 classes in 59 days. YEA! It's been an amazing journey, I'm glad it's coming to an end too.

Today I took the 6:30 pm class after a fun day with a friend in Fort Worth and the really cool butterfly exhibit at the FT Worth Botanical Gardens. There were beautiful butterflies fluttering around everywhere but the prettiest ones had iridescent blue all over its back and really interesting patterns on the inside of its wings.

Makes me think if Muhammed Ali's famous quote, "Float like a butterfly, sting like a bee." Which I am sure he never thought would be used by a yogi to get motivated for class. Am I'm sure I don't use the quote in quote the same manner as Muhammed Ali, I mean, we aren't moving around in class and hitting people! But the quote to me makes me think of awareness and focus. Right? Neither a butterfly nor a bee can do what they do without proper focus and awareness of themselves as well as their surroundings, otherwise, butterflies would probably fly into things and bees would sting the wrong thing.

Ok, maybe it is a stretch....but it's yoga and we it's ok. :)  Focus and awareness are two main things in yoga, at least in Bikram Yoga that are necessary to improve ones practice. You have to focus on yourself and the task at hand, be it locking the knee, kicking the leg, bending the spine or whatever, you have to focus and dedicate your attention to that moment. Full awareness of yourself, where your body is that day and what you need to work on, not what your neighbor is doing is also extremely important. If you aren't fully aware of yourself and your body, that is when injuries occur or as in my case, you end up in the wrong posture because you mind is in lala land.

So maybe yogis are both butterflies and bees...(I might be a little delirious from all the yoga.)

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