Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Body Glide is a Good Thing

4/28/09 - When I was thinking in January of something to do with my free time that would allow me to meet new people in Dallas and be active, the Leukemia & Lymphoma Society Team in Training seemed to be the perfect solution. Wow, I never knew how perfect that would be, such a great group of people, a wonderful cause and the perfect training program.

I ran 18 miles with my group on Saturday, again, the longest distance to date. We ran up Flagpole hill, if you live in Dallas, feel free to try it! It has to be a solid three minutes of running a steady incline. To be fair, I did not make it to the top, I had to stop and walk the last little bit but we did another hill around White Rock Lake, perhaps equally long and I made it to the top of that one.

I bought new shoes and that seems to have helped with the massive knee and foot arch pain. I was feeling pretty good at 15; I struggled through the last three but still felt better than my last long run. I also found out what Body Glide is for- chafing. I never thought I needed it until after I finished 18 miles and realized my bra top had been rubbing under my arm and around my chest- I know have lovely rash markings. I am not sure if they are as bad as all the scars I have from falling off the bike but they at least run a close second. Gum and Body Glide - must haves in San Diego.

Monday, April 13, 2009

I Have Officially Run in My First Marathon.

4/13/09 - I have officially run in my first marathon. Granted, it was a half, but for those of you who do not know, that is 13.1 miles! I decided to run in the Big D marathon/half marathon after I realized I could not ride 30 miles and run 13 all in the same day. The Big D half marathon was my answer! So I ran Sunday, April 5, 2009 13.l miles and finished in 2 hours 40 minutes 23 seconds. This time is the fastest run I have had to date! Running with others really made a difference, I think this was a good test for how San Diego will go.

I also ran 13 miles this past weekend in Austin. It took me 4 minutes longer but in my defense, I had more obstacles and no gum! Gum you ask?! Well, apparently gum is the magic to running long distances, that and an ipod with great music. I got started and ran about 5 minutes and realized I had not remembered gum. I toughed it out but honestly, I'm not sure those around me appreciated it. I found myself humming and grunting a lot which I don't recall doing when I have gum. So, must remember gum!

And oh, the knees! Goodness! I am normally not prone to injuries which I attribute to the yoga I have been doing but lately on long runs my knees ache and have a hard time working. So if you see me hobbling around, just know it is because I probably ran over 13 miles!
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