Saturday, April 27, 2013

Sometimes yoga class just sucks, good news is there is always tomorrow.

Yesterdays yoga class sucked. I know, I'm not suppose to say that, we tell students all the time not to have judgment, to have no ego and to be happy with just being there. But really, it sucked. 

Why did it suck? I don't know, could be because I only took one other class since Sunday, could be because I haven't been eating very well or it could be because of all the water I drank during the first part of class. Any or a combination of all could have contributed to my struggle in class, which is what I equate as "sucking". 

I've been feeling physically weak lately, my muscles seem to fatigue very easily. I took a spin class a few weeks ago and really struggled, my legs just didn't seem to want to move. I tried to run 4 miles recently and could barely make it, had to walk most of the way. 

No doubt it has something to do with what I am putting in my body. You are what you eat right?  Eating well and maintaining a regular workout schedule are so important to "feeling" energized. Note to self: must do more yoga, must eat healthier. Good thing I am on my way to my food co-op, Urban Acres, looking forward to healthy eating this week!

Yummy fresh organic veggies from Urban Acres!
Cleaned and ready to eat
Update: Happy to report after drinking some green juice and pacing my water intake in class, today's class was MUCH better. :) 

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