Saturday, March 27, 2010

How is a Single Person Suppose to Use a BOGO Free Coupon?

I was so excited to get Jamba Juice coupons today at the Butterfly Boogie race, I love Jamba Juice! However, upon closer look, I think they are discriminating against single people! "Buy One Get One Free" How the heck am I suppose to use this coupon? LOL Where the heck are the single people coupons?

This is also why I don't buy coupon books anymore, they almost always are BOGO offers or discounts on two meals. Whatever...

I am still hoping someone will come up with a way to have a food warehouse for single people, I don't need 500 rolls of toilet paper or 6 pounds of chicken either. 

Thanks Jamba Juice, you not only have enticed me to come back and get a smoothie, you have forced me to be social and meet someone else that likes Jamba Juice! Anyone want to go with me? :)

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