Sunday, July 28, 2013

Bikram 30 Day Challenge - As Simple as Going to Class Everyday

Thirty Day  Bikram Challenge - Done.

 I recently (three days ago) finished my fourth Bikram Challenge. I kind of wimped out and only did a 30 days challenge but I consider that pretty good since I didn't initially start with the intentions of doing a challenge, it just sort of happened.

It started with just going to class every day. It has been easier, I dropped my teaching class level down so I stopped teaching three and (eekk!) four classes some days, making it impossible to take class. So since I am not teaching as much, what the heck I think, go to class. And I did....every day, except two. The nice thing about my studio is during a challenge you can take one day off per week, so in a 30 day challenge, you only need to take class 26 times to complete the challenge. Back in the old days you had to do 30 classes and doubles every day at the end were a common trend. This often resulted in being "over Bikramed" and you wouldn't see people for days or weeks.

What I thought was interesting was my non effort. I wasn't trying to do a challenge, I was just going to class everyday. It wasn't even until half way through that I decided to start marking down on the Challenge Calendar all my classes. Once I starting actually tracking my classes and adding stickers, the idea of going to class everyday was more of "I have to go to class to finish my challenge" and less of "I am going to go to class today". And since I finished the challenge what have I done? Still gone to class everyday, without really even thinking about it.

What is the moral? Get out of your head and just go to class.

Andrew and me after class.

Sunday, July 7, 2013

Helpful Yoga Tip of the Day: Men, don't stick your hands down your shorts.

Guys, please, don't thrust your hand down your shorts to readjust what you failed to get right in the changing room. One, we can see you do it, not ideal. Two, you have now just grabbed you "package" and are about to sweat all over yourself or other people. Ick.

New Bag Styles