Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Wind Removing Pose Not Enough to get Rid of THIS Wind

Evening yoga class was canceled today due to the wind. On my way back to the room from lecture, a lady said to me, "don't you love the wind?" I was thinking no when the wind pushed me back and I had to lean all the way forward just to keep from falling backwards. "I would like it better if it was behind me," I said. Then, just as soon as the words came out of my mouth, the wind shifted and all the sudden I felt like it was scooting me towards the door! The wind was like the wind from Wizard of  Oz, very fierce.

So, they canceled yoga class! And I was looking forward to being in the hot room, I had already mentally decided I would sit in the area where the three heater vents intersect, creating maximum heat in that one spot. Oh well, tomorrow.

I certainly am not in a hurry to sit behind "Sam." Sam wears shorts that are knit and WAY too loose. Granted, he does wear underwear but really, when your "yoga" shorts are falling of you like a gang members pants, you need to invest in new shorts. And what is up with the women here? Today I was behind a lady that had wide legged shorts. Geez people, no one wants to see all that, all sweating and hot. Please keep it all inside!

I was intrigued with the lady I was behind the other day, she had a tattoo of a man's head with fire flames coming out like his hair. It was on the small of her back. Every time she did a compression of the spine, back bend, or an extension of the spine, forward bend, the face moved. It was like a talking tattoo! If she bent backwards his head got smaller and his mouth got smaller. If she stretched forward his face elongated into more of an egg shape and his eyes and mouth were distorted, stretched out, like he was saying "OOHHHH!"

It was so fascinating! It was really fun watching when she went forward because it just kept getting longer and longer. I wonder if she knows it does that?

I think I might take a nap now, I have a feeling more movies are in my future. 

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  1. This post could easily be mistaken for a blogger who smokes pot's post. Just saying.


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