Thursday, April 29, 2010

Revolving Door Nearly Takes Out Yogi

We finally got to take the second yoga class, the wind was strong but not so strong they had to cancel class. It WAS however strong enough to have two doors almost flatten me.

On my way to the morning lecture, I went out the door you open, instead of the revolving door. As I walked through the threshold, the wind hit the door and it swung back into me and almost crushed me! I couldn't get out of the way, I was pinned up against the revolving door circle thing.

Then, when I went to afternoon class, I decided to use the revolving door. HA! I thought I was being sooo smart. As I walked it, there was a wind gust and one of the panels of the revolving door swung the opposite direction and banged up against me! I thought I was going to be smashed between two revolving door panels. Scared the daylights out of me! Who knew those panels even moved let alone swing the from side to side!

So now I have a lump on my elbow. Boo hoo right? :D

Even with all the wind, we had class and it was great. I didn't sweat but Bikram taught a wonderful class full of really funny stories and antics, I was laughing through half the class. We were all so happy to actually get to take class. Some of these people have hardly ever done a double in their lives but after doing them for a few days, you start to miss it when they cancel class. Everyone cheered when we were done and not because we were done, because we were so happy to get to take a Bikram class!


  1. Okay- I am confused. Are your classes outdoors? I am trying to understand why the wind would cancel the class?!

  2. Yes and no. Our classes are outside of the hotel, in a tent they set up in the parking lot. I'll take a picture and post it later. It is similar to the type of tent the Cowboys practice field was in, the one that collapsed last year due to high winds. Our is not as sturdy as that tent though. And because it is so big, I guess the winds are more dangerous for it, rather than the smaller tent where we have lecture. We never miss lecture or movies. :D

  3. Maybe you should wear padded clothing to reduce injuring yourself from going from point a to b.

  4. And a helmet! Make sure you're wearing a helmet!!

  5. Adriane, I do have padded shorts, for biking...I suppose I could wear a padded suit to class, something like a sumo wrestler. I'll look into that.

    And yes, Deanne, a helmet may be necessary, particularly helpful for when I want to bang my head against a wall....oh wait...I don't want to do that anymore! LOL


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