Thursday, April 22, 2010

Why You (I) Should Not Eat Corn Beef Hash Before Yoga

If I eat the buffet every day, I doubt I will lose any weight, which was one tiny goal of mine while at training. Not weight so much as fat. The buffet at the hotel is pretty good, if you like what they have...and I do. They have fresh fruit, good chocolate cake, gummi bears, salmon, cheese enchiladas, and best of all....corn beef hash. Yes, that's right...corn beef hash. I LOVE corn beef hash. I know it isn't good for you but I don't care. I use to love it when my dad would make it with eggs sunny side up. He would make the hash and make holes for the eggs and cook the eggs right in the same pan. I was only disappointed I had to SHARE the hash with the rest of the family. But not here! Here, I get to eat as much as I want...and I had a BIG helping today. Plus I had a piece of cake. hehehehe

In the afternoon class I had second thoughts about eating corn beef hash every day though. One, my sweat stinks! ICK! I am pretty sure it was the corn beef hash was seeping out of my pores, I am sure it pleased my yogi neighbors. And two, my sweat was slippery, my foot was slipping in Tree Pose which rarely happens anymore. (Slippery means grease and crap is coming out in the sweat, yummy huh?!) Good news, I was SWEATING which means it was hotter! yea!

Lesson of the day: Be good to your neighbor. Don't eat crap. Crap in is crap out and the yogi sitting next to you doesn't want to smell it!

Off to lecture....more reciting of Half Moon Pose.

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  1. I have never had corn beef hash but the name makes me want to vomit. Glad you are eating well!


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