Sunday, April 18, 2010

Can the Movie 'The Wedding Singer' be a Distraction? Uh, yes.

I signed in with the Bikram staff at 1:00 pm and went to grab something to eat with Nicole, one of the other trainees from Dallas. I had already eaten so really I was just there for moral support but of course I had to get something so I got desert, apple fritters with ice cream. YUM! Orientation was suppose to be at 3:00 pm and for some reason I thought it was at 3:30 so at 3:00 Nicole is texting me asking where I am because everyone is in the tent. Oh shoot! I grab my things and rush down. I was trying to decide if I should sprint to the tent or just walk fast when I decided walking fast would be better and I was right, they hadn't actually started yet so I was still good.

As we waiting for them to get started, I decided to jot down a few things in my new journal my friend Jessica gave me. Nicole grabs it and writes something. Dude, it's not a yearbook where everyone writes what they are thinking, it's my journal! lol She finishes and then says I need to promise to add her to the blog. I said sure. "You need to promise to add the note," says Nicole. "Fine," I say and write in the journal, "I promise."

So, here is what Nicole, future Bikram Yoga Teacher wrote...

"Hi Carolyn, you were watching 'The Wedding Singer' while we were waiting for you in the magical tent. There area  lot of yoga heads here. Everyone smells nice now. They won't smell nice later. The peeps to your right are from Singapore. Simon, Mark's roommate, is from New Zealand. I can't believe you at that godzilla sized apple pie at lunch. I better put me in your blog by the way. In the meantime, my state of mind if you must know is only mildly psychotic, right now I am chilling like a classic villain. I am also relieved to see I am not the only person in the "yoga temple" wearing camouflage shorts. How many will bend without breaking? All will cry and few will admit it. Most of us will probably get new tattoos..."

And that folks pretty much sums up orientation! We learned what to do and what not to do, all but a few appeared to be strong recommendations and not training ending experiences. Most importantly, I took from it to "be present", "have an open mind", and "have an open heart." Trust the process. 

Each day is sure to be difficult, some seeming almost near impossible to get through, all the while I plan on creating my own mantra with those words to recite through the tough times, just like a race. 



  1. I am glad to hear that you are making time for excellent movies. HA! Good luck!

  2. oh my gosh- you guys are cracking me up. i don't know what is funnier- you eating the apple fritter before the meeting and almost missing it or nicoles rhymes- ha! enjoy and love the's only just beginning-we miss yall!

  3. Love it girl! have such a wonderful time at training and make sure to sign in. :-)


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