Saturday, April 17, 2010

Last Bikram Yoga Class Before Training, steamy and HOT! (DUH!)

I think Bikram Yoga Downtown was secretly trying to prepare me for teacher training yesterday during the karma class for Jason Winn. It was SO stinkin' HOT! Sheesh. I know it's Hot Yoga people but wow! I thought I was going to pass out before the first water break. I was sorry I hadn't gotten two towels and an extra bottle of water for class. I've never been good at rationing water.

You might be asking, "What is a karma class?", I certainly did when Michael at the Dallas studio told me he was going and suggested I come too. Karma is defined as "action, seen as bringing upon oneself inevitable results, good or bad, either in this life or in a reincarnation." ( A karma class is simply a class you participate in to bring good to others and yourself. Jason Winn is a senior teacher in the Bikram Yoga world. He is originally from Austin, Texas and has taught seminars and Advanced classes in many of the Bikram Yoga studio's in Texas and around the world. He is currently going through some very difficult medical issues and is unable to teach or travel so the Bikram Yoga Davenport holds a "karma class" periodically to help raise funds for Jason. It's is a pretty neat deal, I was honored to be able to go and support the yoga community.

I've never actually met Jason. He came to the Dallas studio a year or two before I found Bikram Yoga. I've heard many great things about him though and to me it doesn't matter if I've met him before; it feels good to be able to help people in need, whether you know them or not. And to me, helping someone in need within the yoga world is just an added bonus...especially in the karma world. 

So let's get back to the class itself. HOT! Carlos, a teacher from San Antonio taught class. He taught it half in English and Half in Spanish, so interesting! It was a little hard because unless you knew Spanish, you had to really think about the pose and what you were suppose to do and when to come out. But after a few poses I started to understand what a few words meant, plus, since I uh...know the dialog... I was able to follow along a little better than maybe a regular student. 

The dual language dialog wasn't enough though to distract me from the extreme heat, which really was probably more humidity than true heat but whatever right? I mean, when sweat is streaming down your face and your eyes are burning from sweat and whatever crap is in your hair (I had straightened my hair a few days earlier.)...who cares if it is heat or humidity? The point is it was HOT! And I normally wouldn't complain. I'm going to teacher training, it is going to be hot there, plus, I am going to teacher training, I shouldn't complain about the heat. But I've been sitting on the couch for 2 1/2 days doing nothing, "mentally preparing" for teacher training (at least that is what I was telling myself) and I was dehydrated and probably a little food deprived. The cucumbers from lunch weren't helping either...those were NOT tasting good the second time around. I thought I was going to pass out during Standing Bow Pulling Pose and truly felt like a big dork for sitting out part of Triangle but what are you going to do when you feel shaky and light headed? No one needs to pass out a day before going to teacher training. 

If Austin WAS trying to prepare me for training, well, all I have to say is, thanks. I appreciate the steamy, hot room filled to the brim with yogis.  It was a test of my patience's and ability to deal with things that are uncomfortable for me. I'm starting to really appreciate people trying to get me out of my comfort zone is getting larger, soon nothing will bother me. 

HAHAHAHAHA Let's not go overboard.

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