Saturday, April 24, 2010

When You Have No Control, What Do You Do? Go to Yoga.

It's Saturday, I'm sitting outside at Starbucks, enjoying a latte, watching the world go by. I've done my laundry and grocery shopping for the week and am soaking up the moment. One week of training is done! It went by fast, it seems like just yesterday I was checking in at the Las Vegas Hilton, feeling nervous about who my roommate might be, what the training schedule would be like and when the late nights would start. All my questioning (in my mind) was answered the first week.

My roommate, Lara, is great, we were both relieved to have each other as roomies. Of course, she hasn't seen the overly anal retentive control freak side of me, yet. Hopefully the yoga will work its magic before that side comes out! I think I've been pretty easy going though, as best as anyone could expect.

The environment here is out of my control so there really isn't any point in worrying about it or being annoyed with it, that energy needs to be saved for practicing yoga twice and day. I knew it would be like this going in and really, it is a piece of cake compared to some kinds of training. You just have to be in the right mind set to accept the teachings.

Last night we didn't have lecture after class so Mark, Nicole and I went to Firefly, a restaurant owned by a Bikram Yoga student, it was recommend to us by Lisa, an owner here in Las Vegas. It was A-M-A-Z-I-N-G. We decided we would each order what we wanted and then share, so we each shot off 3 or 4 dishes to the server and devoured the bread they had brought. Each time the guy brought food, we ate it like it was our last meal. With every new thing he brought he took away the empty plates, it was like a revolving buffet. So good.

We did 10 classes this week, we only had one class our first day, Monday. Our class today was great, our teacher taught in English and Spanish, my second like that in the last two weeks! It makes it more challenging because I can't understand a word being said so I don't know when to move or come out of a pose. All that means is I end up holding poses way longer, probably not a bad thing.

He made a point today of telling people to not leave the class, which in my head I knew would be a challenge for some people. It seems like some people come from studios that allow them to leave for the smallest thing. Not at my studio, we don't leave for anything. The only time I ever left during a class was when it started raining and the top was down in the car, I had to run and put the top up. Other than that, I have never left the room. I'm too self conscious, I would never what to be embarrassed if I left! There is a reason they don't want people to leave the class. Not only is it disruptive and makes people lose their concentration, it also changes the energy in the room, which effects everyone's practice. So today, it was interesting, we were on the floor so I couldn't see but someone tried to leave the class! LOL The teacher shouted out, "where are you going?!" LOL I was laughing inside, poor person. But everyone else did really well, no one left, which was such a change from the previous classes where it seemed like people leave if they have the slightest tingle like they need to pee. Hold it in people! We are in a yoga class!

Anyway....we are done for the day, just one class today and no more class or lecture until Monday. I already found a dollar store and bought some cheap crap, did my laundry and bought a few groceries for the upcoming week. I think the rest of the day might be spent pool side with my good friend, Mr. Dialog. He and I will be dating for the next 9 weeks for sure and it may end up being a life long marriage.


  1. Congrats at week 1... How are you doing on dialogue? Week five things are crazy - you may do from eagle through triangle or something crazy so be ready! You sound unflappable, happy and calm. Congratulations. Being there is amazing.

    Regarding leaving... I didn't leave the room last training (fall 09) thankfully, but that did mean I was crying on my mat once or twice. However I'm pleased to have had that commitment. Those who do leave... well... when the cramping and dehydration and fainting start, it's a different ballgame. You with all your running and rock awesome poses in the pics should be in great shape - better endurance than most. Take care of yourself!

  2. Anna,

    Thanks for the heads up on the dialog! It's coming along pretty nicely. I spend most of the day studying and I have a few techniques I am using to help with memorization. Ginko is not one of them but it might be necessary soon as my brain seems to be fuzzy some days.

    And yea, about the "leaving"....I expect it to get worse for sure. I am hoping I am prepared enough to not leave...

  3. You know the CAI conference is there this week? Maybe you will run into a few of us. I will not be there. Sorry to disappoint! Missing you.

    PS I will pray for Lara and her patience. HA! Glad you found a dollar store.


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