Friday, September 27, 2013

When step count doesn't matter.

Finally got on the bike again and went around White Rock Lake. The weather in Dallas was just perfect for a quick jaunt around the lake. I was impressed with my ability to maintain a somewhat reasonable pace considering I haven't been on the bike since April. 

I debated I've been using a pedometer to track my steps and have been astonished at how inactive I am some days. Some days I barely make it to 2000 steps. The only time I've ever gone more than 10000 steps was when I ran 4 miles.

I debated whether to run to get steps or do something different and ride. I decided it's more about being active which in the case of yoga and cycling don't include steps. So today, even though I'll barely crack 3000 steps, I feel pretty good about 12.5 miles on the bike.


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