Sunday, May 23, 2010

Human Lota Should be Expected in Bikram Yoga

Onzie Bandeau Top and Shorts

Earlier this week I felt like the human lota, perhaps appropriate since lota in India refers to a "small vessle, usually used to carry water or milk." My dad has one, it's a magic trick. I've never seen a real lota, only those in magic acts, though I suspect they are similar in design. My dad's magical lota usually holds water that gets put into a glass, then later in the show, he dumps more water into a glass, completely emptying the lota. Later, he pours more water from the lota into a glass and this goes on and on throughout the act. It's quite funny. It isn't quite as funny when you ARE the lota, but it is still kind of funny, especially when THAT is what you are thinking about in class when you are suppose to be focused on yoga.

I got this great gift from Onzie, a bandeau top and yoga shorts. I'm not typically a fan of bandeau tops, mostly because of two reasons, one, they fall down on me (not a lot there to hold it up) and two, if it doesn't fall then it slowly inches down from the top and up from the bottom so you end up with this tiny strip across your chest that looks like a distant cousin of the original bandeau. So when I got the bandeau I wasn't sure I was going to like it but lots of people are wearing them here and no one seems to mind if the tops end up looking like strips of ribbon so I thought I would give it a shot.

Wow, I love it! It doesn't slip at all, it has a lining in it that "grips" so it doesn't slip or slip and it stays the same size as when it started! I noticed when I was wearing it I tugged on it a few times out of habit but it wasn't really moving. Loved it so much I bought two more. And the shorts? Those are great too, simply, short yoga shorts that are a great lightweight fabric. Both wash well too.

On to the lota. So I am in my new bandeau top and shorts and I have a pretty good sweat going on. We step to the left of our mats to do Standing Separate Leg Stretching Pose and as I go down, sweat slowly streamed out the top, middle part of the bandeau! lol (where my cleavage is) I'm suppose to be looking at the floor at this point but I'm busy watching the sweat stream out of my top onto the floor. Then it stops, like it has drained out all it can.

So we do the second set and the same thing happens, I bend down and sweat starts to slowly stream out of my top in a nice line, like I am the darn "vessle" and my top is the spout where it comes out! I'm the human lota! I laughed quietly to myself for the next few postures. I've been the Human Pin Cushion (magic trick) before but the Human Lota is new ground!

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