Saturday, May 8, 2010

Forgetting to Sign In Results in More...You Guessed it, Yoga.

Today I had to take two yoga classes; we normally take one. But I forgot to sign in one day when I got to class early and the penalty for that is taking a second class on Saturday. I had most of the week to think about the class and most of the people that knew I had to take the class felt very sorry for me but after a few moments of being annoyed with myself that I had forgotten to sign in, I was over it and didn't think it was that bad.

Besides, it is just one more class...who cares right? We take class twice a day 5 days a week, what is one more day? So today I got up and packed extra water, snacks and electrolytes so I didn't have to come back to the room before the second class.

The first class was fine, not that hot but hot enough to be an ok class. Jude taught, she is awesome. She also lead my first posture clinic, she has such a great voice, you can't help but do what she says!

After the first class I decided to sit outside and work on my dialog. There were 68 OTHER people that had to take the second class with me. Sixty eight! Can you believe it?! You have to take a make up class on Saturday if you miss a class or lecture or if you forget to sign in. Which means 69 people, including me, did one of those sad. LOL What is even more funny is there were a few people with 3,4 or 5 classes to make up and there was one guy that had EIGHT classes to make up! WOW! I felt a bit bad for him, he will be taking two classes on Saturday every weekend.

The general feeling of the group seemed to be mild annoyance they had to take a second/make up class. Some felt they should have been excused, some just were irritated a second class was the consequence for not signing in and others just shrugged it off. A few people were sitting near me when they were discussing their "pleasure" of taking the second class and I said "we are getting to experience ALL of the teacher training. Those that don't "get" to take a make up class never really fully experience 100% of the teacher training. So really, this is great because now you get to really experienced 100% of teacher training and you will now what it is like to take the make up class and everyone else won't!" LOL They just looked at me.

I said the same thing to another person as we were going into the yoga room, I was told I was "way to positive about the whole thing." LOL

Truly the second class was great. I was planning on taking it easy and just floating through class but I found myself really working hard and pushing myself to do my best. I even allowed myself to lay in Savasana at the end for a long time to really enjoy the moment of being done and the joy of completing two classes today.

So, lesson today? Don't forget to sign in...or eventually, in the future....another make up class will be in my future!


  1. Well, I guess the punishment could be worse, right? Sounds like you are having a great time.

  2. Hi Trainee! I some how came across your blog and remembered a time when i was training when I forgot to sign in too...:( I went to acapulco 08- I hope to visit but not sure it's going to happen this training. I wanted to offer you a discount to my clothing line if you are in the need for some new hot yoga clothes- so feel free to check out the site and take 15% off when you use code:mikalove I remember wanting clothes in training but was on a budget so thought if you were in the need for some clothes this little bit off could help. Good luck! Soak it all up & enjoy this unforgettable time.
    Oh, here is the link!


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