Sunday, February 14, 2010

Best of the Best, USA Yoga Championship Winners

From 2010 USA/InternationalYogaCompetition (by Eye-Fi)

Yesterday's championship competition was an amazing sight of yoga talent. It was a culmination of the winners of all the regional yoga competitions throughout the United States coming together to challenge themselves and demonstrate their practice to hundreds of viewers.

Yoga Competitions can be debated by many over whether "competition" is even something yoga is suppose to encouraged or if it should be "part" of true yoga. Either way, you can't deny the spectacle that is a yoga competition is awesome and fascinating to watch.

I feel so lucky to have been able to attend and watch beautiful yogis of all sizes and shapes come together to share their hard work and dedication to yoga. It was wonderful cheering people on I never had met and throwing them good thoughts when I saw them wobble or shake.

The Championships have a specific format which includes 5 cumpulsory postures and 2 postures (asanas) of the competitors choice.
  1. Standing Head to Knee Pose
  2. Standing Bow Pose
  3. Bow Pose
  4. Rabbit Pose
  5. Stretching Pose
  6. Additional Pose
  7. Additional Pose

The Winners of the USA Competition:

Men's USA Champions

First Place: Joesph Encinia
Second Place: Bel Carpenter
Third Place: Jeff Rangel

Women's USA Champions

First Place:Brandy Winfield
Second Place: Ann Marie Paul
Third Place: Afton Carraway

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