Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Day 17: Bikram Yoga Challenge - Bendy in the Morning? Be Serious.

From Carolyn's Poses

I've decide I can't count. I posted yesterday that yesterday's class was class thirteen when if fact yesterday was class 14, day 16 with today being class 15 and day 17. Either way, I've done a lot of classes! :) I took the 7:30 am class today to change up my practice. Now you might this is strange, who gets up early when they aren't working? I know, I know, as I laid in bed, warm and still a little sleepy, I wondered myself why I was get up. I looked at the clock and as the time ticked by I reminded myself of all the things I needed to do today; it was  struggle but I decide to get up.

Morning classes are different, the body is still stiff and sort of has a mind of its own. Every move today hurt, ever bend or stretch I did seemed to be only half of what I could do yesterday. But such is a morning class.

We were just talking about morning classes and afternoon classes at the yoga competition. There was a friend of mine there that said she doesn't like taking morning classes because she can't go as far in the postures. The response, "That is why you SHOULD take morning classes, to experience different levels of your practice. Of course the body is more stiff in the morning, you haven't had all day to loosen up. But you get use to morning classes and what your body can do and you say this is my morning class body and then there is the afternoon class body."

That was great to listen to and really internalize since I am going to soon be taking morning and afternoon classes everyday for 9 weeks! It was appropriate for today too. Of course you want to push your body and try your hardest every class but your hardest can be at different levels each class. Accepting what your body can do each day is part of the process. So today I thought about that during class as I barely moved in Half Moon and my back really did "hurt like hell" like the dialog says.

It was a nice class though, just a few people, maybe 20-25 people. The energy was perfect for so early in the morning. I hate to say it but it it didn't seem that hot today, I was barely sweaty.  Could be because it is REALLY cold here in Dallas or it could be just because mornings are different and the body isn't ready for class. I started off sweating but by the time I was on the floor, my skin was almost dry. I tend to gauge classes and the heat level by my sweat; a really sweaty class where I look like I took a shower in my clothes is a HOT class and probably means I worked really hard. A mildly sweaty class where my towel is wet but doesn't drip sweat when I pick it up usually means I tried but could have done more. And like today, when the towel is wet but certainly not dripping, well, that is called, a morning class!

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  1. My studio starts class at 6:30am. I may fall asleep in the studio waiting for class to start :)


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