Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Day 13: Bikram Yoga Challenge - Muffins have a Place in Yoga?!

From October 2008 Yoga Competition

 Me at the 2008 Texas Yoga Championships

Today is day 15 but class 13, I missed two days of class while I was in Los Angeles watching the Yoga Championships. I'll have to make those two up sometime in my 60 days to get in all my classes. It was worth it, I got to see all so many great yogis show off their beautiful practice while inspiring others. I certainly was inspired and motivated to work harder on my own practice and I really felt like in today's class I went farther, deeper in the postures.

Like in Rabbit pose, I really worked at rolling my spine, tucking my head and getting my head to touch my knees before I rolled all the way forward and touched the top of my head on the floor. In doing so, I got an up and close look at my stomach, not a pretty sight! It looked like three muffin tops stacked together or maybe three billowy marshmallow poofs.  Either way, not pretty. I tried to suck my stomach in as much as possible and the three rolls of "fat" didn't move. I stared at my stomach the entire posture, a little disappointed in myself that I had allowed my abs to get so flabby. I was remembering all the competitors from the cahmpionships, Joseph Encinia in particular. The last day of the competition I remember his Rabbit Pose, it was perfect. His stomach was sucked in and tight, not a bit of fat and certainly no rolls. There was a perfect open space between his legs and stomach.

So as I stretched and pulled in Rabbit Pose while looking at my "in poor shape" tummy, I set my mind to working on my abs, right away. Nothing like a yoga class where you wear almost no clothes to motivate you. You can't help it really, no flaw gets hidden, they are all out there for the world or at the very least, the yoga room to see. Not that I think anyone else is looking, they are all suppose to be looking at themselves. If I actually thought people were looking at my big hips, flabby stomach and other imperfections I see, I would probably wear a big t-shirt and long loose pants. Thankfully I am SURE no one is watching me! :)

And since it is late....I think I will work on my abs...tomorrow. (wink)

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