Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Train for a Half Marathon?! Ok, if You Insist!

From 2010 Dash for the Beads

I have decided to try something new for my upcoming half marathon in March, I am going to actually train! I know, shocker. I ran about 3.5 miles today, about 44 minutes. It was perfect weather in Dallas for running. I ran with my friends Jessica, Dave and Callie (dog) along the Katy Trail. It was a great first run to get the "training" started.

The only other time I ran on the Katy Trail was for the White Rock Half Marathon and I wasn't really paying attention to the trail or the surroundings, I was too tired and in pain. Today I took more time to notice how nice the trail is with cement or soft rubbery stuff to run on. There were also lots of markers to help you track where you are and how far you have gone, which is good for me because every piece of technology I get to track my miles seems to break. I haven't splurged and gotten a Garmin but I might have to just to have reliable info for my runs. 

The trail was also landscaped well tall bamboo lined one side shading most of the trail, and as Jessica pointed out, it is more shaded than White Rock Lake. I'll have to keep that in mind when I run in the summer when it can be well over 100 degrees. The trail also goes over lots of streets so there were bridges every so often making my intervals nicely timed, I just walked every time I saw a bridge.

I'll keep you  updated on my "training" for the Dallas Rock N Roll Half Marathon.Hopefully I will run again, it will make 13.1 SO much easier!

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