Wednesday, April 11, 2012

My second ZWOW workout this week


My second ZWOW workout this week, and this one is tough! Aren't they all?! I only got through 2 rounds and 10 Santana Pushups. I was surprised; I was able to do the pushups much better than even a week ago. I'm still no superstar but at least I was able to stay on my toes! (I know, you can't really do these type of pushups on your knees...I can't really do pushups at all though so being able to do these and with decent form was a win.)

I also did her challenge of 15 Pistols on each leg. Monday I did these in her workout and didn't have a clue what I was doing or if I was even accomplishing anything. Then, on Tuesday I could barely lift my leg without my ass hurting. Ass hurting = glutes working = smaller butt (hopefully) = size 4 jeans (eventually)!

Video explaining how to do a Pistol

I love it, she got a crate and used it to sit on and then explains how to get back up. Perfect...a prop! I think this is it, I can do that, how hard can it be, she is sitting and then coming back up. So I get a step stool and try it. No way is a step stool even CLOSE to tall enough. So I grab a footstool. Uh, no. I look around my craft room and find my scrapbooking crate (it's on the right). Now one might think this was too tall, that it is too easy with something so high, you would be wrong. It might be too tall for some people but seriously folks, these things are hard, I was even having a hard time lifting up from the stupid crate after 15 on each leg. I'm going to keep working on it and someday hope to get to the white step stool. I am guessing if I can do Pistols with the white step stool, or even without it...I will also be able to come out of Toe Stand without hands...also a goal.

 My Pistol Props

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