Saturday, April 21, 2012

Have you tried the Nike Training Club?

Today I decided to try a workout of the Nike Training Club (NTC). They do a free one hour workout in the grassy area in the center of Northpark Center every Saturday. My friend and fellow yogi, Melissa Galitz Villamizar, was helping lead and she invited me to come out and have some fun!

Wow, if you have never done a workout with the NTC, go try one, you are in for a good workout. We started off with line exercises where you run, skip, side step, etc down to the other end, then run it back. The entire time you are suppose to be moving your feet, even when you are just standing waiting....which you aren't doing (standing around) because people are shouting things pumping you up getting you to MOVE!

After about 15 minutes of the line work we spread out and did squats, lungs, squat AND lungs oh and some push ups which I think were because someone was standing still. It was all a little fuzzy, I had sweat running down my face; I was focused more on wiping and hydrating.

We did a little work with weights, everything we did though was stuff you could easily do without extra weights. To be honest my body weight was plenty!

After they tortured my thighs in squats and lungs it was time to wrap it up with a little more running and squatting. Oh the fun!

At the end of the hour, the best part might have been when we stretched it out...ah something I'm good at!
Today was a big launch day with cameras, loud rockin' music and a lot of awesome freebies. They had test shoes to wear during the workout, free towels, free Jamba Juice smoothies, free mini manis and free chair I got a goodie bag full of fitness mags and other cute swag!

If you are looking for a great free workout option, check out the Nike Training Club on Saturdays from 9 - 10 am, you are sure to have fun, sweat and burn a ton of calories!! 


  1. Love this Carolyn! So glad you made it out—you did great! I hope to see you every Saturday morning!

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