Sunday, August 29, 2010

I had the bag, had to buy the car.

I went to the FIG Shopping Spree Event this weekend, it is where a ridiculous list of designers and fancy shops set up in the FIG (Fashion Industry Gallery) and sell items at what was boasted as 75% off. If you have never been to a shopping frenzy, I encourage you to go to the next one August 27 and 28. It is an experience for sure.

The last time I was at FIG was for a Shecky's party, similar in design but as it turns out, way more crowded and uncomfortable shopping conditions. This time it was more spread out and not as many people were there, probably because it was Friday in the middle of the day.

I went with a friend that is absolutely adorable, she came with a list of what she wanted. She asked me what I was going to get. (This made me laugh.) I explained I didn't need anything, unless they were selling yoga wear, I was probably good. But I like to shop and these kinds of events always provide entertainment if nothing else.

We found a few thing;, not as great a selection or prices as one would think. First, it wasn't all 75% off. It was perhaps UP TO 75% off. But they should say that in the marketing. I mean, people clearly had signs that said 50% or 60% off, some just discounted things a little and other things seemed to not be discounted at all. I don't consider a $300 shirt on sale for $200 a good deal. Even in my corporate days that would have been hard to stomach.

I did find a great pair if heather grey pants and a pair of cute deep teal blue velvet capris each just $5 and a sexy velvet halter for $22. Those were good finds. It wasn't until I got home and tried to find a pair of pants to wear that night that I noticed I already had 2 other pairs of heather grey pants. This is I'm sure how I've ended up with over 17 different black pants in my closet.

My free bag from ACL Fest 2009
I had brought a shopping bag with me remembering from the other event shopping bags were scarce. It isn't like shopping in the mall, they don't have pretty bags with tissue.

Here is were it gets funny.

I go to take the bag out of my car, my new Honda Insight, and what is on the bag but the words Honda Insight! I had gotten the bag a year earlier at the ACL Music Festival in Austin, Texas. Honda had been there marketing this new car, the Insight. I had forgotten that was the car. I had walked away with a cool free bag. I hadn't really paid much attention to the car or what was on the bag.

Ironic huh? I think it must be similar to when you find the perfect shoes; you don't have anything to go with them but you must have them. Then you go out and buy an outfit to go with the shoes.

I had the bag...I clearly had to buy the car! Great end to a fun day of shopping, love it when my bag and car match.
New car I got this year, Honda Insight

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