Wednesday, October 14, 2009

The Snuggie is a True Fashion Statement!

My friend Melissa bought me a Snuggie! It is so cute and soft. We have been laughing at these since they came out, it is even more hysterical they came out with "fashion" ones like this one in animal print. The Snuggie is one sizes fits this is what it looks like on me! It looks like a kimono for a 20 foot man. 


From Snuggie

Here is me sitting with the Snuggie, as someone might if they were watching tv or reading a book. Look how cute it is, it matches my slippers! 

From Snuggie

I actually find this extremely practical and am really happy to have one. I keep my place fairly cool in the winter (I'm too cheap to keep the heat on at a normal temp.) so I am always bundled in a blanket. Every time I want to read, work on the computer, use the remote or pet Ginger, my cat, I have to take my arm out of the warmth of the blanket. Now I can easily do any of those things and stay nice and warm!

AND....I tried it on at the office and I think it is the perfect office accessory. I typically have a blanket on my legs anyway and this way I can be fully wrapped in a blanket and still work. Maybe work will buy one for everyone for Christmas. Thank you Melissa, I LOVE IT!

Get your Snuggie today! 


  1. Hahhah I love it. It makes you way hot!! Aaron laughed too. I love the photos as well.

  2. That is too funny. Our office is pretty cold, especially in the winter when it's like 20 degrees and snowing out! One of the girls here actually brought her snuggy into the office and now uses it year round. I put a blanket over my legs too but I'm think the snuggy might be the way to go. I don't think I could interview candidates with it on though (I'm a corporate recruiter) :)

  3. Tracik,

    LOL I agree, not good for interviewing candidates but is REALLY practical at the desk. I might need two, one at home and one at work. It is really big though, they almost need to come out with a petite one.

  4. I'm sure you could adjust the size Carolyn! You are multitalented!! :)

    Is this what I'm getting for Christmas? And you get baked goodies? :)

  5. I'm gonna make you a special "comfy" snuggie!


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