Friday, October 19, 2012

First spin class at the new Fly Wheel in Dallas

When my friend, Karen, said she wanted to go to a free class at the new Fly Wheel spin center on Oak Lawn I was a bit oblivious as to what I was getting myself into. It's harder than it looks folks, and it doesn't look easy once you see the bikes! It is however a ridiculous workout in 45 minutes and super fun.

When you go in, you walk into a very spacious welcome area where computers are set up for you to register yourself. Desk people are there to help you get signed in and they have shoes to borrow, though I brought my own shoes and they worked just fine.

They have a common/co-ed locker area and then several shower/bathrooms with various necessities to primp up after, remember, you are in Highland Park after all. We put or things in lockers and walked to the spin room.
Man, this place is decked out with some top gear, these bikes were nice! They had plenty of staff to help adjust the seat height and position. The guy that helped me even tightened the clips for me. There are also two weight bars, 2lb and 4lb, for use near the end of class. I guess my upper body weight against my arms as I leaned in wasn't enough of a workout!  
Bonus, each bike is already prepped with a bottle of water and a towel. I might bring my own water next time....16 oz of water is such a tease when you are in full sweat mode.

Class was kind of like riding a bike at a club with rockin' jams blarring and lights dimmed. Lights low were good for me, less people noticed my knees going up and down slower than everyone else! Only after she posted the rankings of the bikes and I saw where I was did I decide it mattered to me to not be last. I mean, how can I be so slow? I have completed 2 century rides and clocked countless miles on the bike training... Why all the sudden did my legs not want to cooperate? Lots of it has to do with speed and like running, I'm not the fastest but I can get out there and do it. Cycling is the same, I can ride for a long time...just not at the fastest speeds. And spin is all about speed.
We went through a series of fast, less fast, um never slow though, more resistance, less resistance...for 45 hardcore, sweaty minutes. When we did the arm stuff near the end I was pretty much done, not really wanting to participate...but they turned the lights up a little so now everyone can see me...must participate! Ugh. My arms were not happy.

When Kate, our instructor finally said we were done, it was better sounding than the teacher in Bikram when they announce final savasana, I was so happy! Whew, what a workout! Looking forward to going back!
If you have never done spin or have but want a new challenge, go this week, they are offering free classes until they officially open Sunday. Go online, and set up a profile and get a free class!

Also, added bonus, Troy Aikman was there! Not today but I'm hoping if I go enough maybe his sweat will land on me!

Here are a few pictures of Fly Wheel.


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