Saturday, January 16, 2010

I Ran 39.3 Rock N Roll Miles!

From Bike Run Yoga
I got a wonderful gift in the mail today, my 39.3 metal from the Rock N Roll Marathon Group! I completed the San Diego Marathon in May and the San Antonio Half Marathon in November 2009. Competitor Group, the company that puts on the Rock N Roll events give additional metals for completing more than one of their events.

I love my metals, not that I wear them out (that would be just silly) or even look at them on a daily basis but when I do look at them, they remind me of the amazing accomplishments I achieved in 2009. I not only ran my first marathon, I ran in 3 half marathons and a handful of other shorter races. In total I completed 12 athletic events in running, cycling and yoga. This from a girl that had never actually run an entire 5k - ever! So if you think running a marathon or half marathon or really any goal you have for yourself is impossible, think again, anything is possible....just set your mind to it and take it one day at a time.

From Bike Run Yoga
From Bike Run Yoga

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  1. Awesome. Quite the piece of hardware to be proud of. i hope there are many more in your future.


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