Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Chili and Bikram Yoga Don't Play Well Together

The studio I practice at, Bikram Yoga Dallas, has an introductory package of $40 for a month of yoga and this has produced an influx of new students. Classes are often over 40 people now, which is wonderful, but also means I have to get to class extra early if I want to be on the front row. The front row is the best if you want to be able to look at yourself the entire time, not in a vain way, but to really pay attention to form; also it helps motivate you to try harder. So I got there early yesterday and set up in the front.

The problem with this tactic is I had also had chili for lunch, not a good plan! Chili and the front row apparently do not mix well together.  I was hot, not just Bikram Yoga hot, but scalding hot...and was having a hard time controlling my breath. this was partly due to the large class and the heat generated by the room and also because I was trying so hard in each posture. I am pretty sure being hot in Bikram Yoga is a good thing, as it trying hard in each posture...but on this particular day, both did me in early.

During second set of triangle pose I sat down, big mistake. David, one of the owners of our studio was teaching, he looked over at me and asked "everything ok?" I shook my head yes."Is this your first class today," asks David. "Yes," I say. Then there was some comment about training and at that point I felt like a wimp and got up to do second set of triangle. I mean, really, if I can't get through one class, how am I going to do two classes a day for 9 weeks?

Note to self: Don't eat chili before class, drink lots of water and don't sit down during triangle pose.


  1. i'm sorry. i don't mean to laugh but i do find this a tad bit funny. but only because of the memories it brings up in me of the these types of blunder i've made before running long distances.

    Good note to self there.

  2. Robert,

    Totally ok to laugh! It was funny, sad, but funny.

    Glad you enjoyed reading the post.


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