Wednesday, September 16, 2009

I love my trainer, she makes me do exercises I hate doing

I didn't go to yoga today, today is my day to train with my gym trainer, Jessica.Up until recently I was going to the gym three times a week to train with Jessica to reduce my overall body fat percent. I started in January and have successfully trimmed my body fat to a reasonable amount. I would still be going three times a week if it weren't for the yoga competition coming up. So instead I allow myself one day to lift some weights and hang out with Jessica for an hour.

It's always fun training with Jessica, she is just as sarcastic as I am and we always have fun making each other laugh. We are the only two having fun and cracking up most of the time. Usually everyone in the gym is so serious. Give it up people! It is working out, not WORK, you are allowed to have fun and enjoy it. Now that is not to say I ENJOY all the things she makes me do. On the contrary, I very much dislike most of what she has me do, that is why I need her, so I actually DO the stuff.

She gave me a list of exercises to do several more times a week since I will only be going once a week. Have I done those? uh, no. I did part of them one day after I ran 3 miles. Do I feel bad about it? Uh, no. I have been to yoga for the last 5 days straight and the last two days have been great, be it, hard classes. So to me, I don't care where I get my toning and fat burning; it can happen in the gym or on the mat. I'm just glad I exercised at all today!

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