Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Go for a Doughnut Run. It's National Doughnut and Running Day!

I love twitter, you can learn such interesting information. I popped on twitter while drinking my morning coffee saw that it was National Doughnut Day. Awesome I think, perfect excuse to get a doughnut from Starbucks later. Then as I scroll down I see it is also National Running Day. Of course, because you have to run to burn off the darn doughnut!

Here is the link to National Doughnut Day.

Here is the link for National Running Day.

If you want to combine the two activities, here are a few doughnut runs. Sadly some of these have past but there's always next year!

Iowa State University 5K

Charleston Doughnut Run

Krispy Kreme Challenge

Bartow County Sheriff's Office Honor Guard's Run for the Donut 5K

Catch you later...I'm off on a doughnut run!

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