Thursday, March 17, 2011

Oh how the mind can wander

The other day I took a class (Bikram Yoga of course) at Bikram Yoga Dallas and Nita was teaching. I was crafty and waiting until the very last second and slid in on the last row, not feeling really like taking class but needing to take class, this was my compromise with myself. I masked it as a way to "see how the back row felt" with the new heating system. How does it feel? Exactly the same as the front row, hot and humid. That made me laugh when someone asked me later how it felt.

We like that at Bikram Yoga, hot and humid. There are many reasons for the heat, I could go on and on about it but that isn't the point of todays post. Today I am reminded of how my mind wanders into strange places when my mind should be in the room focused on breathing or locking my knee or kicking more or something related to yoga at least.

In Savasana Nita said something that caught my minds wandering desire. She said something like..."Savasana...allows your body to assimilate..." This for some reason made my mind think of those little green army men from Toy Story. Picture this...

Army Guys shout out "hey, heart, you ok?"
Heart says, "yea! I'm good!"

Army Guys "Lungs, you good?"
Lungs "Whew, we're good, how are the quads, that was a tough one!"

Army Guys, "Quads, you still there?"
Quads, "Wholly cow, Triangle almost did us in but we're still here."

Army guys, "Veins, Arteries, you guys still pumping?"
Veins and Arteries, "Working like dogs over here...but I can't feel capillaries."

Army Guys "Oh for the love of God, Capillaries are you all alright?!"
Capillaries "Yes! We are here...a little tingly but still here!"

All of this going on with construction noise in the background and people shouting simultaneously trying to assess the situation.

I thought about this for the entire Savasana after the standing series. Pretty funny. I'm glad my insides can't talk...I can only imagine what stories they might tell when I was asleep.

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