Sunday, March 20, 2011

Dallas Rock and Roll Half here I come!

Today I ran 5 miles around White Rock Lake surrounded by gusty wind, baby strollers and lots of cyclists. Pretty good run. Legs felt good, shins didn't hurt. Probably could have run longer but didn't want to ruin any efforts to run again tomorrow or Tuesday. Still trying to "train" for my half marathon Sunday.

I know, training is suppose to happen over lots of weeks and steady increase of miles. Who needs real training when you can procrastinate and run a few miles each day a week before a race?! lol

I don't recommend this strategy for anyone wondering if this is a good way to prepare for a half marathon. If you are interested in running a half marathon, or any distance for that matter, proper training is key to having a success race. I however seem to have to learn this the hard way but not training (life got in the way) and running 13.1 miles with only a week of training.

Last year I ran this same race, the Dallas Rock N Roll Half Marathon, in 2 hrs 40 minutes. I hadn't trained much for that one either but I do think I had been running more than this time. So let's see how well we do Sunday!

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  1. CC, so proud of you and all you are accomplishing! Way to be healthy.


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