Friday, July 30, 2010

From Yoga Journal
I overstretched my upper back/shoulders yesterday in Plow of all positions. I FEEL like I have been plowing! This must be what mules feel like after a hard days work in the fields.

I tried stretching out a little and couldn't find the right stretch to make it feel better. I have a feeling today's class in the nice warm room will be just the medicine I need.

And how does one over stretch in Plow anyway? sheesh. I consider Plow to be an easy pose, not necessarily and "advanced" posture although we only practice it in the advanced class. This is what I get though for A. not taking the beginner class first to warm up and b. not listening to my body and stopping earlier. I could tell my neck hurt and I certainly could feel the stretch but I kept going anyway. Silly really. You have to listen to your body, it always tells you when it has had enough.

I rarely injure myself in yoga, I mean, it's yoga, come on! But people CAN injure something if they don't listen to what their body is telling them. The pain of stretching is fine. The sharp pain, pop or OVER stretching is bad. I think part of a regular yoga practice is learning the difference and then paying attention.

So, I am off to fix myself. If it doesn't work, I think I will treat myself to a Starbucks Coffee, that will surely do the trick!

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  1. meditation or yoga the yogi... surely release
    any unsure in your mind... not control a mind..

    but if u cant empty the mind

    u should focus a point. the point is exist between your eyes(elbow) or follow the beating of your heart... try to listen the beating off.


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