Friday, February 12, 2010

Never be late for your flight when it snows

My plane! It LOOKS ready to take off but it isn't really
Sitting at DFW airport waiting for my flight to Los Angeles (LA). The USA and International Yoga Championships are this weekend and I'm going to volunteer and see some of the most awesome yogis! I'm so excited! I missed my flight, uh, due to the weather, yea, that's it, the I had a lovely stroll through terminal D and did some shopping and got a pedicure. (Something I needed to do before I left but didn't have time.)

Now sitting at my gate waiting, feeling pretty darn lucky the lady at the counter got me on this flight instead of standby. The flight is full and there are 50+ people on standby. UGH! Feel so sorry for those people on standby. Is it bad I am secretly smiling inside, SO happy I got on the flight? I've been there though, on standby, hoping someone didn't show up for the flight. That is pretty much what these people are hoping, someone else's bad fortune is there good fortune.


Made it to Los Angeles (LA). Just 8 hours AFTER I was suppose to be in LA. I was suppose to be on a flight that got in at 11:30, missed that, was rebooked on a flight that was suppose to leave at 1:25 and arrive in LA about 3:30. My new flight, the flight that was suppose to leave at 1:25 didn't board until sometime after 1:40 (I gave up looking at the clock.) Once we got on the plane we had to wait for everyone to get on, which seemed to take FOREVER! Then we had to wait for all the bags to be loaded. Then we had waited so long we needed more fuel, had to wait for them to refuel. Then we had to wait to exit the gate.

Once we left the gate we were told to not get too excited, we still had to wait in line to get "de-iced." AFTER we cruised all the way around the airport we got in line to "de-ice", we were 9th. They must have been "de-icing" the plane with tiny scrapers, it took so long I fell asleep.

After waking up I realizing we were still on the ground waiting to leave. UGH! And then, about 6:10 pm the pilot comes on to tell us we are next to leave! YEA! Just 5 hours later than scheduled, most of that time on the tarmac, with one water service.

Am I annoyed? Not really. Do I think it was a crazy day? Of course. But I got to shop a little in Terminal D, get a pedicure at ExpressSpa, admire cute boys getting manicures at ExpressSpa and I got dedicated time to study my dialog, which was much needed. So sure, I was delayed and got to LA way past when I thought I would but heck, I made it and I got to see Joseph Encinia, the 2009 USA Champion.

Can't wait to see him and all the other USA competitors compete tomorrow. It is going to be an exciting display of yogi talent! Stay tuned!

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