Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Day 2: Bikram Yoga Challenge: Tattoos and Inches


No bacterial eye infection worries in class today. Class was pretty good, I felt strong for most of the class. What they say in class about taking your second class within 24 hours of your first class is true, you really do get twice the benefit. Not that that this was my second class ever but it was my second class after 8 days of not taking class and sometimes it is great to just get that extra boost by taking two classes.

I walked into class with my two water bottles (yes, I take two in, I am a sweat machine and need liquids!) and just as I was about to stretch I noticed the guy next to me had a tattoo down the side of his torso that said "GRACE." This strikes me as mildly funny only because a friend of mine just told me the other day of someone else that had a tattoo going down the side of their torso. Before that, I knew no one with a tattoo in that spot. My first thought is, wow, that must have hurt! My second thought, is, why would you do that to yourself? But then, I am not really a tattoo girl. Ever since I wanted my ears double pierced and my father gave me one of his "one eyebrow raised" looks with "I wouldn't do it but if YOU want to, that is your decision." That was always the kiss of death, when you knew what you wanted to do was NOT ok. So if I can't get my ears double pierced, no way is a tattoo ok! :D Thus, no tattoos...and only one earring hole in each ear.

Sorry, I digressed, back to class. My class started off decent, my neck hurt a little but then, that seems reasonable since I worked in front of a computer all day today. (See yesterday's post.) I was a bit preoccupied with the earlier teachings from posture clinic (where I am learning the dialog for teacher training.) so I wasn't 100% in the room. If I wasn't in a 60 day challenge where I need to take class everyday, I probably would skip class on posture clinic days, I never can focus afterward. Since my mind wasn't all there, class seemed to fly by.

There was a VERY funny part of class, during Awkward where you have to move your right foot out so your feet are 6 inches part. Most people have a hard time with this because 6 inches apart isn't a natural place for their feet. One guy had his feet apparently really far apart and the instructor told him to move his feet closer, that his feet were 12 inches apart. Then she kind of smiled and said "someone has been lying!" It was so funny, everyone had a good laugh, even the guy. Isn't that always the way? Men can't tell the difference between 6 inches and 12 inches! LOL

After that bit of comedy, class returned to normal and the focus was back on our own practice. My balancing series still needs work but it was better today. For some reason I am still losing my balance in Triangle and falling forward, which is a new thing...need to figure out how to fix that for sure! I made it to the floor series without thinking I was going to die, I consider that a successful standing series.

I did notice as I was standing there, not moving, that my ab muscles had faded, or more accurately, they are now protected by a new layer of fat. This slightly annoys me since I worked so hard last year to finally get to a point where I could SEE ab muscles and now they are hidden again - that is just plain annoying. I plan on getting my abs back during this 60 day challenge for sure!

The floor series was fine, I actually felt more flexible today than I have in a long time; part of the benefit of taking two classes within 24 hours. :) All in all, not too bad for my second day of my challenge. I just need to remember, every day is a new day and there are no expectations when one enters the yoga room. Who knows how tomorrows class will be, today I will just be happy I made it through this class! Namaste

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  1. Ha I dream of the day when I can get through the floor series without dying :)

    12" is hard for me too - my instructor tells us to ball our fists and put them side by side. It sounds like a pretty good class overall though, only 58 more to go!

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