Thursday, February 18, 2010

Day 18: Bikram Yoga Challenge - Now That's Some Good SWEAT!

I did a double today! I haven't taken two Bikram Yoga classes in one day in over a year, maybe two. The last time was also in the middle of my other 60 Day Challenge. Before I decided to go to teacher training I thought doubles were only for "hardcore yogis" (or those in Challenges) but I have come to the realization lots of people do doubles. Oddly enough, some even find taking class twice a day perfectly normal! There are apparently people outside of yoga that workout for 3+ hours a day at least 1 or 2 times a week so doing two Bikram Yoga classes isn't really too much different that working out at the gym or running for 3 hours, except it is 105 degrees and 40% humidity. And actually, I have run and cycled for WAY longer than 3 hours in over 100 degree weather in Texas summers.

I have to take back what I said yesterday about morning classes and no sweat. Oh my gosh, today was like a shower! I sweated like I had a passion for sweat, it was nonstop the entire class. My towel was soaked and certainly dripping as I left class. Not complaining, loved it. I felt so great today, flexible and strong. It was perhaps one of my better class of late.

I even had enough energy after class to pratice putting my leg behind my head, both sides. It is funny how the body is different on each side. The right side is easy for me, my leg goes over my head and I can look at myself in the front mirror. I don't look like the champions from this past weekend but I can at least get my foot over my head and see myself in the mirror! The left side is not so easy. My leg goes over my head fine but lifting my head up to see myself and basically straighten out my spine is so much harder, I look like a turtle all curled up. My goal is to eventually be able to do Om Pose and Good Bye Pose, well.

My second class was in the afternoon. I hadn't really set my mind to taking class; I had to meet with a vendor and I took some clothes "just in case" I decided I wanted to take another class. I was a little nervous I hadn't eaten enough to take class again but once I was at the studio, I felt fine. My friend Doug was there and he was planning on taking the 4:30 pm class and talked me into taking it too. Megan, who went to the championships with me, was there and so was Mark, a fellow teacher in training, so it was a class full of good strong energy. Sweaty too! TWO sweaty classes in one day! Sweat was streaming down my face, my whole body really, all class, I don't think there was a moment I felt dry. Funny too because someone was saying after class the room was too hot and I had been thinking to myself at some points in class that it wasn't hot enough! Of course, we don't say that in the studio, they may turn the heat up!

I really feel like my practice is improving each day I go to class. It is small things like a tighter grip in a posture, or a bit further stretch, or a more locked knee or sitting deeper in a pose. I love seeing what my body can do when I am really focused and dedicated all the while remembering where I was when I started 4 years ago like not even being able to grab my elbows in Wind Removing Pose. There is so much to correct and improve upon, I think some days it may take me a lifetime to master the 26 basic poses.

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