Thursday, February 11, 2010

Day 10: Bikram Yoga Challenge - My hair made me fall out of the pose!

From Bike Run Yoga

Me in Standing Head to Knee at the 2008 Yoga Championships

There are many things a person can consider a distraction or excuse in yoga, the activities from the day, undone to-do's, the sweaty person next to them, wrinkles in the towel or really just about anything. But I never thought of my hair as a distraction, until yesterday. In Standing Head to Knee was I went down to bring my head down to my knee, my ponytail flung forward and "made me" fall! The motion of the hair flipping over and forward was enough to make me lose my balance! I know it sounds crazy but it's true, it happened on both sides. yea, that's it, my hair made me fall out of the pose! LOL

This preoccupied my thoughts for a few poses until I noticed I was having a hard time "sticking" each pose. It was one of those classes where I just had to accept things as they came. I could tell my body was still sore and tired from taking the Advanced class a few days prior and taking class everyday can be hard on the body too. At some point the body tells you what it needs and often in yoga that equals not being able to hold each posture the same as the day before. I feel like the key to enjoying these type of classes is to embrace what your body can or can't do and accept the class for what it is. It is true what they say in class, as long as you are trying the right way, you are the benefit of the posture.

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