Sunday, April 28, 2013

Gatorade lemon and cucumber sport drink has no lemon or cucumber in it!

A friend of mine came to yoga class recently with a new Gatorade, Lemon and Cucumber. Have you tried it? She gave me a taste, it tasted like lemon and cucumber, it was actually kind if good. Then I looked at the label said it had NO FRUIT JUICE! The only ingredients are chemicals!

Why people drink Gatorade is beyond me. If you want electrolytes or carbs to get through a workout, there are so many other healthy choices, why put chemicals in your body?

I was so disgusted with the stuff I told my friend I would make her REAL lemon and cucumber juice. It's delicious by the way...100% juice.

I used my Hurom juicer and bought 4 organic cucumbers and 2 organic lemons. It produced two bottles of great juice. You can drink this before, after or during a workout for electrolyte replacement the natural way.

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