Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Day 9: Bikram Yoga Challenge - Class almost didn't happen today

I'm combining class 8 and 9, yesterday and today's class in one blog. Yesterday was so hectic I barely had time to go to yoga, certainly didn't have time to blog about it. (Evident by the missing post!) And today, well, today, I was so focused on studying my dialog for posture clinic, I thought the noon class was at 12:30 and was 20 minutes late! I was sure I wasn't going to be able to take class this evening because my parents are in town but thankfully, everything feel into place and I was able to take class after all. Thank goodness too, I didn't really want to have to take a double tomorrow!

Yesterday's class was like a latte with an extra shot of espresso. I took regular Bikram Yoga and then took the Advanced class where we go through the 84 basic asana postures. Talk about hard work, man, the Advanced class kicked my butt!  I hadn't taken the Advanced class in several weeks, it was tough getting back into the swing of the postures but it was great to get the extra workout on the body. In class I was thinking it was like a 90 minute session with my personal trainer and once a week just wasn't enough. They have the Advanced class twice a week but I only go to one a week, I might have to start going to both just so I can feel like I get the added strength training!

Today I got up this morning and could barely move my legs, my hip flexors were as sore as I think they have every been. I took the regular Bikram Yoga class and the Advanced class yesterday and wow, my body can feel it! I stretched every muscle, ligament and joint TWICE yesterday.

Between feeling like an old person hobbling around my house (because my muscles were tight) and practicing dialog, I spaced on when class was today and was sure the class was at 12:30 when it was really at noon. At the time, I was really upset with myself for not knowing what time class was, I mean, I work at the studio! Geez. After debating with myself on what I was going to do about class and my 60 day challenge, I decided to check the other studio's to see if they had a class I could go. No such luck. Bummer.

I had resolved myself to not taking class today and just taking a double tomorrow but my parents were running later than they expected so I was able to sneak in the 4:30 class before they got to town. SWEET! And what a great class too! Not because my postures were that great, I kind of sucked actually, but because I felt energized, I was just so darn happy to be taking class! Namaste

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