Thursday, October 15, 2009

Where are the Glass Salt and Pepper Shakers?

It's a small thing, literally, but what happened to the salt and pepper shakers on flights? It is like they were banned from airlines for bad behavior.

There are many wonderful things to say about First Class on airplanes; they have bigger seats, more leg room, most airlines give free headsets, you get free drinks, long flights have food, hot towels are fun and well, it's just more comfortable. And all of those things are wonderful....but today I was reminded of one thing not still in First Class, salt and pepper shakers. It isn't that I am a flight snob, I sit in coach most of the time but when I do get the chance to upgrade, particularly on a very early flight, I do. It is one of the great perks of frequent business travel.

Through the years I've noticed some changes and I noticed it again today as they served me a cheese omelet with potato, fruit and biscuit. What happened to the tiny salt and pepper shakers that use to come on the tray? I miss those, they were so cute! Now they give you a tiny envelope looking thing with salt a pepper in sealed baggie. Don't know what I am talking about?! Think I am crazy? Sure, but that was a given before I started writing this silly blog.  Back in the day, American Airlines use to sit tiny glass salt and pepper shakers on the food trays. They had little silver twist on tops that were shaped like cones. They reminded me of restaurant shakers but on a miniature scale.  They were square and after using them I would neatly set them side my side like two peas in a pod, yen and yang just hanging out together.  I'm sad they have been demoted to some closet at the AA corporate office. A sign of the times perhaps. Maybe people kept swiping the tiny jewels or maybe it took too long to refill them each flight. Who knows, all I know is they are gone.

But I am glad to see real silverware is back! After 911 real silverware was removed from planes. It was a little weird to eat from ceramic dishes, glass bowls and drink from glassware and yet, use plastic silverware. Granted, American bought some of the nicer plastic ware but still...I missed the oddly small fork with tiny tines and petite knife. Some time ago, maybe a few years now, I noticed real silverware was back...but still no cute tiny salt and pepper shakers.

These tiny cuties are exactly like the ones in First Class but we only got two, not a whole basket full! 

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  1. It would be a greener choice to keep the little shakers. Perhaps they are a bit to dangerous? :)


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