Thursday, October 22, 2009

I got to take class from the 2009 US Men's Yoga Champion!

Joseph Encinia is back in his hometown, Dallas, Texas, teaching Bikram yoga at Bikram Yoga Dallas. 

Bikram Yoga today was awesome! Awesome because Joseph Encinia taught class, he is the 2009 US Yoga Champion and use to teach at my studio. It was so exciting to be in class with him teaching, he is so inspiring.

I normally set my mat on the left side of the room on the first or second row, I am a creature of habit and I like certain spots in the room better than others. But today I must have subconsciously known Joseph was teaching because I set my mat in the middle of the room right in front of the teacher stand. Being in front of the teacher is great; you get to use their energy to help you through class. Joseph’s energy is wonderful, he loves Bikram Yoga and it comes out in his teaching style, you can’t help but push yourself to try harder.

During the standing series I could tell I was trying really hard, my spine felt like a wet noodle, it was hard to stand up straight without shaking. This is always a good sign, it means I am working hard in class and doing my best. Of course, it wears me out too and I feel exhausted and want to run from the heated room. But I never do, I just breathe and try and remember the standing series doesn’t last forever.

In the standing series I sometimes think how wonderful it will be to be on the floor, that the floor series is so much easier than the standing series. But it’s not easier, just different. Today in the floor series I certainly wasn’t thinking it was easier! I was exhausted and wanted to just lay there but who can do that when the 2009 US Champion is teaching class?! Let’s be serious. This is not the time to be wimpy. And so….I completed the floor series, maybe not with the best grace but I did manage to make it through every posture. There was no smile on my face; but I hardly ever have an expression, I’m usually concentrating on making it through each posture.

As I laid in final Savasana, noticing my towel was so wet with sweat it couldn’t soak up anymore and sweat was still streaming off me, I felt good, happy- happy to be done with class and happy to have had Joseph teach class. I’ve missed him and it was good to see him. He’s teaching and coaching this weekend too, I can’t wait, it is going to be a Yoga | Yoga |Yoga weekend!

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