Thursday, October 8, 2009

Clouds Clouds Go Away, Come Back Some Other Day

I remember waking up this morning sweating to death under the covers and tossing them off to get some fresh cool air on my body. As I laid there, it seemed like an eternity, I contemplated what time it might be and if I could lay there a bit longer before the alarm clock buzzer went off. As I rolled over and peered over at the alarm clock with my fuzzy eyes, I noticed it was 6:00 am and no alarm was set. This should have told me the tone of the day. I laid my head back down on the pillow, closed my eyes and pretended to look at the ceiling through my eye lids. UGH I thought, I have to get up. I had missed my 30 minutes of snoozing which is needed for a good morning start on a work day so as I rolled out of bed, put on my leopard printed slippers, I shuffled to the bathroom, still half asleep. I needed a hot, very hot shower. 

My morning routine is pretty much the same everyday, shower, put stuff on face, check twitter, check email, tweet important things for work, find clothes to wear, dry hair, go to office. Pretty easy. I decided to wear a cashmere sweater I bought last year, one of the few pairs of black pants that still fit (I have lost a few pounds recently and refuse to buy new pants.), boots and a scarf. As I get ready to leave, I remember I need to open the curtains for my very spoiled cat. She likes to look out the window and annoy the neighborhood dogs with her lazy and blessed life inside. As I opened the curtains I realize all the windows have condensation on them and I reach out to touch the window and it is warm. Great I think, now I need to change, I will surely sweat to death in this sweater. I peruse through my wardrobe and don't find a thing to go with black pants. How can that be?! I have an entire closet full of tops, one whole row is devoted to black and white tops, seems impossible that I could look in and find nothing to wear. And it isn't so much that I have nothing to wear but more that I had thought it out and decided what I was GOING to wear and the weather was not cooperating so now I had to change my mind, hard to do. 

I decided to leave on the tank, pants and boots and settled on a Target sweater with a scarf from 1993 wrapped around my waist. These things seem to balance out the Tiffany rings, bracelet and Pucci perfume. Finally dressed and ready for work. 

I walk out the door and immediately appreciate my clothing choice change. It was humid like a rain forest, the air just sort of stuck to you. This gives one so much appreciation for air conditioning, which I turned on in the car and ran the entire 5 miles to work. I know, don't hate me....I have a short drive. 

But even in that short drive I managed to find more than a few annoyed drivers testing their horns and impatient people that decided today was the day to whip in between cars. And even when I went out for lunch people still seemed to be in an annoyed state, or maybe today was horn testing day and I missed the memo. Either way, I say relax people! 

The clouds and wetness in the air seem to be moving on, hopefully this weekend will be beautiful, maybe I will ride my bike or go for a run. I think I need it, the clouds seem to have moved on in the sky but they have returned to my head. Bike, Run, Yoga...any would be good to clear the fog from my brain.

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