Friday, October 16, 2009

For Tight Hips, Try Tree Pose

Tadasana, aka Tree Pose – a sign the standing series is coming to an end and sweet Savasana is soon approaching.


After working every muscle in your body and increasing your heart rate, Tree Pose is a much needed and welcome change. Tree Pose helps calm the body and slow the heart rate back down.

I personally like Tree Pose. Maybe that is because it is easy for me to do or it could be because practicing Tree Pose in class means we are almost to the floor series and I can have a water break! Either way, it is a great pose. If I ever feel tight from running or cycling, Tree Pose is great for opening the hips and releasing the tension.

How to do Tree Pose:
Stand with feet together
Grab the right foot from the underside, bend the knee
Bring the right foot up to the left thigh as high as you can
Left leg should be locked
Push the knee back as far as it will go
Hips and upper body should be straight and even
Bring the right hand into prayer
Repeat on other side

Health benefits:
Creates greater flexibility on the hips and knees
Releases abdominal tension
Good for arthritis, rheumatism
Improves circulation
Strengthens lower extremities
Good for preparation to Lotus Pose

Photo is courtesy of Bikram Yoga Dallas

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