Friday, October 30, 2009

Sometimes Your Body is Smarter than Your Mind

If I ever think I am getting so good at Bikram Yoga I can go to class no matter what, there is always yoga karma to remind me to remain humble.

Bikram Yoga class yesterday could be best described as embarrassingly terrible. I had to leave the room, and that is a BIG no-no! It's hard to find the positive in a class like yesterdays but there is something to be learned, listen to your body.

I had the opportunity to go to the early evening class so rather than go home and relax I decided go ahead and go. My tummy wasn't feeling quite right, I had made myself some green juice for lunch and I think I didn't put enough lime in it or it could have been because I was sitting all day in a class and didn't drink enough water. Instead of listening to my body, I went to class. I should have listened and gone home, relaxed, had some water and THEN gone to class.

Instead I suffered through class and ultimately was unable to complete most of the postures. I laid in Savasana for most of the floor series. I tried to do at least one of each of the poses but my stomach was not cooperating, I felt dizzy, and my face and arms were getting numb. So I just laid there and that wasn't much better. The more I stayed in one position, the more the heat started to overwhelm me and I was uncomfortable in every position I tried to lay. My arms started to tingle and then I noticed my face was tingling and numb. Just as class started to do Camel, I sat up and thought I was going to throw up. I sat there and just tried to breath but nothing was working. I finally had to leave the room.

Sherry, one of the instructors at the studio gave me some salt water, which tasted terrible but made me feel much better. I cooled down and the feeling came back into my body. So the lesson here? Take care of your body and listen to your body.

Have you ever had a bad class? How did you handle it? Would love to hear your experiences below.


  1. One class in particular vividly stands out in my mind. it was not good. Not at all! It was about 3 weeks ago. Sunday morning class. I must point out that I almost never feel great during morning classes. I prefer evening classes, my body just feels better & stronger. So this Sunday morning I was laying in bed, feeling very tired but I dragged myself out of bed, got ready and headed to the studio. I felt weak before the class even started. So the class begins and by the time we finsihed the first breathing excerise I knew I was in trouble. I have NEVER sat out a posture until this day. I managed to struggle through the standing series but felt terrible. We get to the floor and it was all I could do to do just one set of each pose. I thought I was going to die in camel! I was never so happy to be doing the final breathing. Class ends, thankfully! I get home, shower and crawl into my bed (not like me, usually I am bouncing around). Within a couple of hours my throat is on fire and it feels like there is glass in it, my head is pounding and I have chills. Ohhh...that explains it! I am sick. Turns out, I should have listened to my body, stayed in bed and rested that Sunday morning. I did take the next couple days of from Bikram. although I did still get my run in ;). by the time I got back in the studio I was rested and ready to go! YES...we need to listed to our bodies. They're really good about telling us what we should do. Happy Halloween!

  2. Wishing you the best in your yoga quest.


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