Thursday, April 22, 2010

Fashionistas, Locusts and a Little Rain

Today as I was getting ready for morning class I for some reason started thinking of yoga clothes, brands and if  at some point I would be able to distinguish seasons like I did when I worked at Express. Back in the day us "Express" peeps use to be able to tell what season clothes were from. "That's from Spring '95." So as I am getting ready, this thought floats through my mind. Then I get to class and our instructor was giving corrections to people and identifying them by they clothing, "Purple Shakti....Tonic shorts...Shakti top..." It made me chuckle inside because of my fleeting thought while getting ready and because that is probably how I will have to identify people at first. What I thought was impressive was her ability to know what brand it was. I know most of the clothes have little symbols on them but some of the symbols are small and on the side. Now if she had said what season it was from I would have been totally amazed. She probably knew but who else really pays attention to those silly details? Only fashionistas I guess.

Class was good, it rained today. It sounded like a million locusts descending down upon us, popping against the tent top. It was perfect really, a whirring, swirling sound right when we laid down for Savasana. I laid in Savasana watching tiny drops of water touch the fabric draped above us to hide the roof structure. I wondered how many drops it would take make the water drop all the way down to us on the floor. But it never did; it stopped raining before we were done with the floor series. The good news is rain means water and water all over everything hopefully means humidity in the yoga room.

On the downhill side of the first week....still standing....

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