Sunday, April 4, 2010

Yoga, Easter Style, Outdoor Shower and All

Happy Easter everyone!

I'm sneaking a moment to post on my blog while my Bro, SIL and the kids are at church...I missed going because I went to yoga instead at Yoga Groove in Austin. I know the moment they get home it will be chaos fo candy, eggs, bubbles, lots of kiddos and even more adults...I will be exhausted before it is all through. Glad I went to yoga early!

I went to Yoga Groove, it is the closest Bikram Yoga Studio to my Bro. Cosmo, the owner was there, we had a nice chat about me going to teacher training. Then as I was waiting for class to start and studying my dialog, he comes up and says "teach  me one." Oh dear....I think in my brain...what do I know? "ok, I know half moon pose." So he gets up and stands we go... "Everyone together, feet on the line, heels and toes touching each other.......and push and push and push." He smiled and was very complimentary, said I would do great a training. Yea! Always good to have postive energy and feedback.

I always love Yoga Groove, it has a sort of granola, laid back, Austin-y's well....groovy. The students are super nice, one even complimented me after class on my headstand. (I'm practicing moving my hands so I can work into Tiger.) And you gotta love the teachers, hard core, yet, laid back, great combo. One student in class said outloud, "move the water bottle." The teacher just said back, "Don't let it steal your peace, don't worry about the water bottle, just focus on yourself." I'm not sure the student appreciated it but I thought it was funny and accurate. How many times do we get annoyed in class because something isn't just the way we think it should be? For me...lots. It is a daily struggle to not get annoyed at the smallest of things...and I was thinking of that as the teacher said this. A good lesson to be repeated for everyone.

The best part of class though was AFTER class when Cosmo handed me a towel and said I could use the outdoor shower. "Outdoor shower?" I asked. "Why do you have an outdoor shower?" His response.... "because." Classic. As I hesitate and lean in while at the same time not really leaning in, he said "just get in." And under the full shower spray I go. It was cool and refreshing, perfect after a hot yoga class. What a great idea! All you really need after yoga is a rinse off and why not do it outside? I better is is awesome on a hot summer day, the cool water must feel amazing, I will have to come back in the summer.

I better take a real shower now before the house is full of people again. Hope everyone has a great Easter!


  1. What a fun thing- an outdoor shower. Sounds like you had a good morning! We loved having you over!
    Have a great week and don't sweat the small stuff! love, Rach

  2. Hello love! I have been AWFUL at reading this blog but am trying to be better. An outdoor shower? Like on Sex and the City? Woot! Woot!

    Lunch before you leave, please!

    Glad you got to see your darling nieces on Easter. Ours was chaotic. (Brother-in-law had a seizure, only 24.)

    Love you!


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