Sunday, April 25, 2010

Asians DO get sunburned!

I went to the pool today, for just a few hours, without sun screen. Yes, I know, you all can yell at me later about what a bad decision that was. At the moment I am feeling the consequences of my actions. I kept looking to see if I was getting any tan, if I was, I was going to go inside. (Since I didn't have any sunscreen.) But every time I looked it looked like I was as pale as when I got out there.

So a few hours later I decided to go to the room, I wasn't getting any studying done. When I got to the room and took my swimsuit off, oh my gosh! The front of my thighs were bright red! So I put some lotion on...sat in my room and studied.

Then we decided to go downstairs for dinner. I changed. Wholly cow! I changed and noticed it wasn't just my thighs that were red, my WHOLE FRONT side looks like I rubbed red paint all over. It is hysterical. It doesn't really hurt, it's just warm. And of course, it will fade in a day or two and be fine but how silly.

I can only imagine how sweating in a hot yoga room will feel tomorrow. NOT GOOD! And I look absolutely ridiculous. Not so bad when  you can cover it with pants and a shirt but in yoga clothes? Nothing is a secret.

So if you want to know which yogi I am, just look for the Sunburned Asian...but only from the front...from the back I just look like a plain old Asian. :)

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