Sunday, March 21, 2010

I don't have buyers remorse, I have long pant envy

From March 2010 Snow
 Snow in March, seriously?!

I'm quietly cursing the salesperson at Run On for talking me out of buying long running pants in January before the Too Cold to Hold race. Including that race, I've run 4 races, all of which I was FREEZING! Not all of me mind you, just the part of my legs that were peeking  out of my running CAPRI's! And, to top it off, I have two more running events before I go off to Bikram Yoga Teacher Training....and one is this weekend where I am sure it will be...uh...FREEZING! I don't have buyers remorse, I have long pant envy.

To be fair the guy was super nice and basically said he didn't think I needed them because once it gets in the 40's, people don't usually wear long pants. Oh sure....but has it been in the 40's lately? NO! It was been way colder in the mornings. Plus, I am not a seasoned runner, I am a Bikram Yogi that runs...I like the heat. I like to sweat. Give me long pants!

So today when I left my house this morning and drove through the snow, I wondered what the temperature might be this weekend for the Butterfly Boggie 5K. As I wondered about the weather and pondered the possibility of it being FREEZING, I yet again thought of the man at Run On that recommended I NOT buy the long pants and I so wished I had bought some anyway.

I even had the chance yesterday to buy some long pants at Lukes Locker. I went there and bought some yoga pants....but thought $90 for running "tights" was too much, I mean, how many times would I really wear them this year? I'm on a budget now and can't just buy running pants just because of one race. Which has been my thought EVERY RACE! That the next race will be warmer so there is no need to buy  long pants....just rough it...the next one will be warmer.

Well the next race is almost here and it is freezing today, so much that it snowed! I just hope that it warms up A LITTLE before this weekend, at least in the 40's so I can rationalize I didn't NEED the long pants....that if I was a real runner I would be fine in capris. I wonder if I can tape those 8 hour hand warmer thingies to my legs and still run.....

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