Monday, March 22, 2010

Day 50: Bikram Yoga Challenge - 4th day of doubles

Well, I'm back from yoga, my second class of the day. Feeling pretty good, not too sore and mentally in good spirits. Of course, it has only been 4 days! The heat was awesome today, I was good and sweaty both classes. I was still a little stiff during the morning class but the heat really helped warm up my body so I could really stretch. The afternoon class was great, big class, hot, lots of energy, so nice!

I would have thought after 4 days and 8 classes I would be worn out, sore or exhausted.I'm pleased to see it hasn't been that difficult, bodes well for my 9 week adventure coming up.

I still have 10 days left in the Challenge, taking it one day at a time, one class at a time.

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